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Video: We Can End AIDS! 5 marches converge for creative action at White House, July 24, 2012

Hundreds of Philadelphians joined thousands of Americans and International AIDS Conference delegates to form five protest marches to the White House on July 24, 2012 as part of the historic We Can End AIDS mobilization. The marches --

**Human Rights and Harm Reduction**
**End the War on Women**
**People over Pharma Profits**
**Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street**
**Promote Sound Policies**

-- met up at the White House, where 13 activists tied condoms, dollar bills, pill bottles, and other tools for ending AIDS to the fence in a civil disobedience action. This video starts with the Human Rights and Harm Reduction march, documents some of the speakers at the White House, and ends with the activists using red ribbons to tie the tools to end AIDS to the White House fence.

Photos from the disruption of Nutter's budget speech

Media, bloggers, and others are welcome to use any photos, as long as they are credited to "Kaytee Riek, ACT UP Philadelphia". Email us if you'd like a full resolution version!


PHILADELPHIA – As Mayor Nutter presented his 2012 budget to City Council, members of ACT UP Philadelphia disrupted his speech to demand that he fund homes for people with AIDS in Philadelphia. “People with AIDS are dying for homes,” said ACT UP member Jose de Marco, one of the approximately twenty people who disrupted the Mayor’s speech. “The Mayor told us directly that he lives in a political world and can’t do anything to save sick people’s lives. We’re here to make this problem a political problem for the Mayor, since he’s refused to act out of moral imperative.”

Homes, not Graves, for People with AIDS

PHILADELPHIA – On March 3rd, Mayor Michael Nutter will release his budget proposal for next year. On Thursday, February 24th ACT UP Philadelphia (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) will preemptively hold a demonstration at City Hall to remind him that, “time’s up, wake up: include money in the city budget for housing for people with HIV/AIDS.”

WHAT: Time’s Up, Nutter!: Fund Homes not Graves for People with HIV/AIDS
WHEN: Thursday, February 24th @ 10:30am WHERE: at the Love Park sign at 15th and JFK St.

We're "Warriors"

ACT UP Philadelphia members have been dubbed "Warriors" in the cover story of this week's City Paper. Go pick it up! Or read it online.

Some of our favorite parts:

"ACT UP isn't just another advocacy group: They are the A-Team of AIDS activism, a band of crack commandos always ready to parachute in, their rhetorical guns blazing. Fail to listen and suffer the consequences: They've been known to swarm the mayor's home to demand housing for people with AIDS, take over the Capitol Rotunda to press Congress to lift a federal ban on funding syringe exchanges, and shut down the Food and Drug Administration in protest of slow approval times for AIDS drugs."

Photos from Caroling

The lyrics to our Xmas Carols!

(more songs after the break)

We wish you a merry Xmas:

We wish you would fund AIDS housing
We wish you would fund AIDS housing
We wish you would fund AIDS housing
So we won't get sick.

It’s getting so very cold (3x)
So fund housing quick.

We won’t leave until there’s housing (3x)
who cares 'bout politics!

(repeat all, then...)

We wish you would fund AIDS housing (3x)
So we won’t get sick

We wish you would fund AIDS housing (3x)
So we can go home

Christmas Carol @ the Mayor's house!

Nutter the Mayor is a real smart guy they say
So we don’t know why hundreds could die
while they wait for a home some day

There are 8000 people with AIDS or HIV
Who need a home to stay alive
and be real healthy

Join ACT UP Philadelphia in our on-going campaign to demand housing for all people with HIV, as we go Christmas Caroling at Mayor Nutter's House!

Wednesday, December 22nd @ 5pm
Meet in the McDonald’s parking lot at Golf & City Ave to walk to his house together
Free rides from LAVA - 4134 Lancaster - leaving at 4:45pm.

RSVP encouraged to

Inky Coverage of Housing Campaign

Thanks to Penn Patient Allies for their work to get this published. Please go sign the consensus statement at

Carlos Gonzalez was close to death when he arrived at Temple University Hospital in 2003. His case of AIDS was so advanced that his frail body was overrun by thrush, meningitis, and pneumonia. It had become painful for him to swallow and digest food and his weight had dropped to only 117 pounds. His desperate prognosis was made worse by the fact that he had no home. Recently released from prison, Carlos lived in a drug treatment recovery house in North Philadelphia. In a room he shared with 10 other men, Carlos was exposed to airborne infections that sent him to the hospital coughing uncontrollably almost every month.

ACT UP demands homes, not excuses!




Philadelphia – Members of AIDS activist groups ACT UP Philadelphia and Proyecto Sol, along with graduate students in the University of Pennsylvania’s Urban Studies Program and medical school, met with Mayor Michael Nutter on Monday. The students and activists shared the results of a research and planning process and asked the mayor to commit to spending two to four million dollars to create permanent housing to end the two-year long waiting list for housing for people with AIDS in Philadelphia.

Photos from ACT UP's meeting w/ Mayor Nutter

Will we see you tomorrow, noon on the east side of City Hall? Mayor Nutter said he couldn't commit to funding housing for people with AIDS. We need to show him the consequences of not acting!

Nov 10th @ Noon: Join ACT UP to memorialize people with AIDS who've died on the streets

Take Action!
11/10/10 @ Noon
City Hall East Side
Demand housing for all people with HIV

Read more about our housing campaign here.

Letter to the Editor submitted today

Did you see this article about Philadelphia Housing Authority director Carl Greene? ACT UP Philly did, and we were pissed. Check out the letter to the editor we submitted to the Inquirer today:

Dear Editor,

Last night, the Inquirer's article, "At PHA: Humiliation, groping, banishment," was passed around ACT UP Philadelphia's meeting. Members include people currently living in PHA housing, people on PHA waitlists, and people currently homeless. Everyone in the group was outraged at the story. But our outrage was not directed at Carl Greene's failures. Our outrage was directed at the assumption, perpetuated in the article, that public housing projects can only be dangerous, dirty places to live.

The article referred to two situations in which employees were forced to work in the PHA projects, suggesting that the conditions in the projects were unacceptable for employees. But if the conditions are so bad for the employees who only work there eight hours a day, then what about the people, especially people with AIDS, who actually live there?

Carl Greene's failure is part of a larger failure in
Philadelphia: we turn a blind eye to the conditions in our public housing, our shelters, and our streets. Mayor Nutter presides over an expanding waitlist for homes for people with AIDS, a crumbling public housing infrastructure, and an inept housing authority. It is time he step up and start solving the housing crisis in Philadelphia.
ACT UP Philly

Press Coverage of Housing Action

So far, we've found a bit of coverage of our action yesterday. But we know more is out there! So if you come across anything, please let us know in the comments.

Photos from today's action

ACT UP report released! Dying for Homes: How Mayor Nutter is wasting city money and failing people with AIDS

Hot off the presses! Download it here.


Providing supportive housing for people living with AIDS, regardless of substance abuse or mental illness, is a cost-effective, life-saving program. The Mayor has instead chosen to spend our money on unsafe, unsustainable shelter systems, on emergency room visits, and in the case of at least eight Philadelphians in the past eighteen months, funerals. Access to safe, permanent housing is a vital component of HIV/AIDS treatment and care. By relying on the shelter system instead of funding a functional supporting housing program for people with AIDS, the mayor has failed on HIV treatment and HIV prevention.

Today at City Hall

None of my photos shows the whole demo.


Today: Tell Nutter to end the AIDS housing waiting list

Please come join ACT UPtoday, Wednesday June 30th, to participate in a crucial demonstration as we tell Mayor Nutter that he is FAILING people with AIDS who are in desperate need of housing.

WHAT: ACT UP press conference and demonstration to demand city funding for housing for people with AIDS, including presenting the Mayor with a failing report and report card.

WHEN: TODAY, June 30th at 1pm

WHERE: West side entrance of City Hall

WHY: Because there are over 200 individuals/families in Philadelphia on the City's AIDS housing wait list (with hundreds and thousands more trying to get on the list) who each are waiting at least 2 years on the list. And while people with AIDS are literally DYING on the list waiting for housing, the City gives ZERO dollars to decrease and end this list. Housing is clearly one of the most overlooked needs for people with AIDS in Philadelphia, and our City and the Mayor is doing next to nothing about it.

So we need to let Mayor Nutter know that he is failing on HIV treatment and prevention, and wasting city money by funding shelters instead of real housing for people with AIDS.ACT UPand people with HIV and AIDS in Philadelphia need your support!

We hope to see you there.


Sign Petitions to Support AIDS Housing and HIV Prevention in Philly!

Take a short moment and go to the following links to sign two important petitions started by ACT UP Philly members on

HIV Prevention:

AIDS Housing:

ACT UP Lobbies Philadelphia's city council

We kicked off the action phase of our housing campaign in November with a big, boisterous caroling and rally at City Hall (well-covered by media like the Philadelphia Weekly and Philadelphia Tribune. Then you called and emailed Mayor Nutter to remind him that you care about the AIDS housing crisis and that it's his job to solve it, as the mayor of one of the cities with the biggest housing crisis.

Yesterday morning, fierce ACT UP members Cliff, Henry, Leon, John, Samantha, and Jose delivered City Councilors data about the AIDS housing needs in their specific districts, and arranged to meet with them. Apparently, it was news to many staffers just how bad the AIDS housing crisis is here in Philadelphia.

ACT UP is starting to make City Hall solve this problem -- we know it's not the money that's the problem, it's the political will.

One way you can help is to join ACT UP, every Monday night at 6pm at St. Luke's church (on 13th just north of Pine St.). Another way is to email Michael Nutter and remind him that he must solve this problem! (If that link doesn't work, try pasting this one into your browser: