PA Statewide Conference Call on HIV/AIDS Ryan White (Part B) $ that was returned!

Statewide Conference Call on HIV/AIDS

Aug 4th @ 2pm, 218 339 4300, secret code: 787353#

We need to come together as a state to make sure that the needs of all people living with HIV/AIDS are being met. A first step is to hold the State Office of HIV accountable for not using money they were already awarded and for not applying for additional money.

The state returned over $11 million in Ryan White funds to the federal government that can not be used again in a future year. This is especially concerning because of the proposed severe social services cuts to the State budget. We gave back money that was already given to us in the face of a statewide budget crisis! This is ADAP money, which could have been used in innovative ways to assist with copays, deductibles and premiums. This is in addition to the Minority AIDS Initiative money that was not applied for and cannot be applied for again until the end of the full three year cycle of the grant.

Please join us to discuss this issue and raise other state issues. If you are unable to be on the conference call, please with your contact information to receive notes and be included in future activities.