ACT UP Lobbies Philadelphia's city council

We kicked off the action phase of our housing campaign in November with a big, boisterous caroling and rally at City Hall (well-covered by media like the Philadelphia Weekly and Philadelphia Tribune. Then you called and emailed Mayor Nutter to remind him that you care about the AIDS housing crisis and that it's his job to solve it, as the mayor of one of the cities with the biggest housing crisis.

Yesterday morning, fierce ACT UP members Cliff, Henry, Leon, John, Samantha, and Jose delivered City Councilors data about the AIDS housing needs in their specific districts, and arranged to meet with them. Apparently, it was news to many staffers just how bad the AIDS housing crisis is here in Philadelphia.

ACT UP is starting to make City Hall solve this problem -- we know it's not the money that's the problem, it's the political will.

One way you can help is to join ACT UP, every Monday night at 6pm at St. Luke's church (on 13th just north of Pine St.). Another way is to email Michael Nutter and remind him that he must solve this problem! (If that link doesn't work, try pasting this one into your browser: