Design the next great ACT UP t-shirt!

**Please forward widely and share w/ artist-activists everywhere**

Call for Artistic Submissions: a New Shirt Design for ACT UP Philadelphia!
Deadline May 20th, 2011

Want your art memorialized in newspapers and in photo art exhibits while splayed across the chests of fierce AIDS Activists? Does it make you excited to have your name join the likes of Keith Haring as a t-shirt designer for the coolest activists who’ve worked to save thousands of lives?
What better way to go down in history than as the person that designed the active wear of an activist?

Help us look fierce and hot. The ideal t-shirt design will relate to our campaigns. We are not looking for a generic “AIDS awareness” t-shirt. We want to find the next great “Silence=Death” political shirt (google it if you’re unfamiliar).

Some recent issues that we have worked on are listed below. What you chose as a theme is up to you and not restricted to the list, naturally:
- Fighting for the right to housing for all people with HIV and AIDS
- Demanding access to condoms in Philly prisons and for high school students
- Tearing down the barriers to access to medication for people in the US and worldwide

Potential Questions you might have:

How do I submit? The deadline is May 20th at midnight ET. All t-shirt designs must be emailed to by then to be accepted. We cannot accept anything that comes after midnight ET on May 20th. Please include the name you would like to be called, and a way to reach you (phone, email, twitter account… whatever is the best way to tell you if you’ve won!).

What are the design specifications? Art should be designed in Adobe Illustrator or another vector design program, and sent in vectored EPS and PDF formats. It should be one color. You can suggest the t-shirt color and screen-printing color we should use.

What is the decision process? ACT UP members will convene on May 23rd to decide on our one or two favorite designs. Winners will be announced on May 24th, and t-shirts will be printed by mid-June. 

What does the winning artist(s) get? Glory! The love of activists everywhere! A free t-shirt! But no money, sadly. 

What if I have more questions? Contact and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Fine Print: The T-Shirt Design Competition is open to anyone worldwide who has an idea of what our shirts should say. All t-shirt designs will become property of ACT UP Philadelphia. We don’t copyright, so your design cannot be copyrighted. Because we are an awesome activist group that doesn’t take money from the government or drug companies (read: our budget is super small!), there is no monetary compensation to the winners.