Video: Waheedah Shabazz-El speaking at John Bell's memorial service, 10/5/12

ACT UP Philadelphia mourns the loss of John Bell, who was a trailblazing organizer with ACT UP, a mentor to countless activists, a lifeline to people in jail living with HIV, and a teacher at Philadelphia FIGHT, where he cofounded the TEACH Outside program. 

At the memorial service for John Bell on Friday, October 5, Waheedah Shabazz-El spoke about his passionate dedication to ACT UP Philadelphia; fighting for HIV prevention and medications for people around the planet; sharing principles for building a better world; and his work teaching and reaching out to incarcerated people living with HIV.

She also speaks about her own journey, made smoother and enriched by his mentorship: "He gave me hope that day.... He gave me the bridge I needed... to come out of that troubled water. And when I came to the other side, there you all were—this loving community."